The Motion

The final composited motion as passed by Conference:

Climate Justice Motion (Earlier version)

Conference notes:

  • We must keep global temperature rises below 1.5°C.
  • The communities hit hardest by climate change contributed least to the problem.
  • The UK spends billions of pounds per year on fossil fuel subsidies and is a key jurisdiction for the enforcement of globally accrued debt.

Conference believes:

  • Labour should make the case for rapid decarbonisation by 2030.
  • The cost of decarbonisation must be borne by the rich.
  • Debt cancellation is essential to achieve climate justice.

Conference resolves to support:

  • Cancellation of all low-income country debt held by UK institutions; legislation to prevent UK courts prosecuting countries stopping debt payments. Immediately halting all fossil fuel subsidies, placing the money in a Just Transition fund.
  • Sanctions on big polluters; incentives to rapidly reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Phase out of high-carbon industries with a just transition and support workers organising with unions and taking action to decarbonise industries and the global supply chain, while campaigning and educating for a Socialist Green New Deal.
  • All future stimulus and bailout eligibility linked to climate action and a just transition for workers.
  • Bringing the banking and financial system into democratic public control to fund a just transition; regulating private banking and finance for its climate impact.
  • Delisting of companies failing to protect the environment and uphold human rights in the global supply chain.
  • Linking internationally with indigenous groups, trade unions and groups resisting ecological assault.
  • Legal recognition of climate refugees’ right to asylum.