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2021 Labour Conference Drive

It’s still not too late to ensure that global climate justice gets a hearing at conference.

We are building a database of CLPs and Affiliated groups, identifying which ones are sending, are considering sending, or might be pursuaded to send a global climate justice motion to conference.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Tell us which home CLP you come from.

You can look up you home CLP HERE

2. Find out if they have voted on their conference motion yet.

3. If they haven’t, ask them to consider a global climate justice motion.

The motion is here, along with information and arguments in support of it.

We would also be delighted to join a branch, clp,
or regional meeting to present and discuss the motion and its important details.

Global Climate Justice supporters

Here is a list of branches, CLP’s, affiliated and non-affiliated union, socialist societies, or campaign groups currently supporting the motion or a similar version of the motion.

Labour CLP’s & Branches

  • City of Durham CLP (site) passed as CLP policy & 2021 Conference Motion.
  • Edinburgh Central passed as CLP policy & 2021 Conference Motion.
  • Ipswich passed as CLP policy & 2021 Conference Motion.
  • Newcastle Central passed as CLP policy & 2021 Conference Motion.
  • Romsey & Southampton North passed as CLP policy & 2021 Conference Motion.
  • Labour International CLP (site) passed as CLP and individual branch policy.
    • LI Germany & Switzerland Branch
    • LI Africa, Middle East & Turkey Branch
    • LI NE France & Paris Branch
    • Central Eastern Europe
    • North Amercia Branch
    • New York Branch
    • Portugal Branch

Affiliated & Non-Affiliated Groups

  • Labour International for a Green New Deal (site)
  • People’s Momentum (site)
    • Momentum International
    • Momentum North East
    • Momentum Norfolk
    • Momentum South Staffordshire
    • Momentum Southwark

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