Overwhelming backing at Labour Conference for Global Climate Justice GND

Edinburgh Central CLP delegate Hannah Taylor delivers a barnstorming speech supporting the Global Climate Justice GND

In the end the Global Climate Justice motion didn’t need to go to a card vote as there was overwhelming support from the floor. Constructive negotiations between delegates during the compositing process ensured that an amalgamation of the Climate Justice Motion and the Green Jobs motion, containing the strongest elements of both went forward. And Edinburgh Central CLP delegate Hannah Taylor delivered a rousing speech in support that brought a chorus of cheers and clapping throughout the hall, demonstrating the widespread enthusiasm within Labour for a powerful, comprehensive, internationalist stance that puts the climate emergency at the heart of all future policy.

Attesting to the significance of the moment, Gaya Sriskanthan, co-chair of Momentum and one of the key movers behind the motion, issued this statement:

This is a turning point. The grassroots have had enough of timid centrism and have overwhelmingly endorsed transformative socialist policy that meets the crises of the 21st century head on. From the public ownership of the energy sector to the creation of a national care service and millions of green jobs, this motion gives us a clear vision of what a just transition under a Labour government would look like.

And Chris Saltmarsh, co-founder of the Labour for a Green New Deal Campaign, said this:

Despite efforts to block this motion and stifle party democracy, members have demonstrated the strength of support for a transformative climate agenda. Despite his promise to create a more democratic culture, Starmer is alienating himself from ordinary members. He should re-state the ambitious pledges of his leadership campaign, and put the green new deal at the heart of his agenda.

This result shows that there is huge support for a radical agenda in the Labour party, and that the membership and affiliated unions are united in their support for transformative politics. Starmer should recognise this, re-state the ambitious pledges of his leadership campaign, and put the green new deal at the heart of his leadership.

Read/download the full text of the motion here:

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