Mixed messages from the Labour Party on a Green New Deal

Image taken from dw.com, with thanks

With only a week to go before the Labour Party conference there was anger and dismay among GND activist networks this weekend after news broke that Labour’s Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) had ruled the Labour for a Green New Deal campaign motion out of order: https://labourlist.org/2021/09/labour-for-a-green-new-deal-conference-motion-ruled-out-of-order/ Having been backed by 21 CLPs and being very similar in substance to other GND motions that have been accepted, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that this is factionalism at work again: less the content of the motion that is problematic, more the people promoting it.

Yet at the same time Labour is touting that the GND will be high on the Party’s agenda at Conference: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/sep/17/keir-starmer-green-new-deal-debate-labour-party-conference And in a recent interview on Newsnight, Ed Miliband strongly reaffirmed Labour’s commitment to taking natural monopolies into public ownership, one of the key clauses in the motion.

It’s long overdue that Labour gets its act together on a robust, comprehensive, internationalist Green New Deal. That’s what we’re hoping delegates will insist on at the conference this year.

BREAKING NEWS: We’ve just learned that the CAC decision has been overturned! More than 3,500 people have written to the Leadership over the weekend – thanks to them all!

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