UK MPs join with radical politicians from around the globe form a new Global Alliance for a Green New Deal

In an inspiring recent development UK MPs Clive Lewis and Caroline Lucas have joined forces with elected representatives from Brazil, Costa Rica, France and the US to found a new international organisation, the Global Alliance for a Green New Deal. Their aim is to build a network of elected representatives to bring pressure on legislatures around the world to enact the urgent measures needed to deal with the unfolding crises of environment and human well-being. In their own words to bring about “a rapid and just transition to an economy that operates within planetary boundaries and supports human flourishing.” Already more than twenty politicians representing constituencies from every continent, have joined the project.

At a launch event in July Labour MP Clive Lewis and the Green Party MP Caroline Lucas were joined by the other founder members, Congresswoman Paola Vega Rodriguez from Costa Rica, Representative Ilhan Omar from the US Congress, Congresswoman Joenia Wapichana from Brazil and French MEP Manon Aubry, to present their vision for an inclusive political alliance of legislators and activists working beyond the restraints of party or geography, bound only by their commitment to transformative action to address the unfolding catastrophes engulfing life on earth.

Find out more from their website, here: Global Alliance for a Green New Deal

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