Event: Debt and the Economics of Global Climate Justice with Bhumika Muchhala – Sunday 27 June 2021 15:00 BST

So let’s talk about Debt and the Economics of Global Climate Justice.

Join us this coming Sunday 27 June 2021 15:00 BST | 16:00 CET

Labour International @labour_international for a Green New Deal invites you to take an in-depth look at the economics of climate justice with Bhumika Muchhala @decolonialplaybk , Senior Policy Advocate for Global Economic Justice at the Third World Network.

Bhumika Muchhala is a political economist and critical theorist engaged in advocacy, activism, popular education, research, writing and publications on the international financial architecture, feminist economics and intersectional inequalities. She has 20 years of experience in global economic and social justice advocacy, with a focus on fiscal austerity, debt and tax justice.

Since 2009, she has led Third World Network’s programme on global economic governance, carrying out advocacy with Global South negotiators in the UN General Assembly and on IMF and G20 policy paradigms and economic justice campaigns. Her work focuses on debt and fiscal justice, the role of the IMF in creating global consensus and enforcement of fiscal austerity policies, and the ways in which economic injustice perpetuates a long colonial history of global inequalities as well as gender, race, class and caste inequalities. She advocates for structural transformation and holistic reparations in the Global South, as well as for a decolonial and feminist global green new deal.

Previous to 2009, Bhumika was active in the international labor rights movements, organizing advocacy and global campaigns on the worker’s rights abuses in fast fashion and sportswear supply chains of brands such as Nike, Adidas, Gap and H&M.  She’s a PhD candidate at The New School in New York, exploring the political economy theories of global neoliberal governmentality and structural dependency to examine why and how Global South nations self-enforce austerity measures that violate peoples economic and social rights. Her research looks at how decolonial theory and reparations campaigns offer pathways of redress and systemic transformation in consciousness, consensus and policy paradigm. Bhumika has a Masters of Science in Development Economics from the London School of Economics, is a global nomad and world citizen being of Indian origin, growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia and now based in New York.

What are the origins of Global South debt? Why is debt justice essential to climate justice? What can Covid teach us about the relationship between debt burdens and crisis resilience? How might climate, trade and economic policies be used to achieve systematic redress for the Global South?

Join us as we dive into these questions and more!

Further Resources

Link to the Event Passcode: 825594

Towards a Decolonial and Feminist Global Green New Deal

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